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Matt's Tech Gear

My setup when I started YouTube and my setup now. 

Overhead shot of my desk with my Tannoy monitor speakers

Fully rigged out 5D3 on set of my last cinematography job. Kamerar Matte Box on front, Edelkrone support, and Small HD monitor. 

Enjoying using the Waterlogue app with my vintage Apple stuff.

Tiffen Variable ND filter on my 50mm using a step ring. 

My new favorite iPad/iPhone stand, the HiRise from Twelvesouth

Current desktop. Wallpaper: Calendar:

My new favorite inexpensive slider, the Kamerar SD-1. 

A lot of you have asked about gear that is less expensive than my setup, so I made an ultra-low budget Amazon list

iPad workstation.  iPad stand Keyboard Mic USB Connector Headphones

A quick video I made a while back looking at my Manfrotto fluid-head and sticks